Scalable Construction of High-quality Web Corpora (2013)

Chris Biemann, Felix Bildhauer, Stefan Evert, Dirk Goldhahn, Uwe Quasthoff, Roland Schäfer, Johannes Simon, Leonard Swiezinski & Torsten Zesch (2013) Scalable Construction of High-quality Web Corpora. In Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics 18. 23–60. [BibTeX]

In this article, we give an overview about the necessary steps to construct high-quality corpora from web texts. We first focus on web crawling and the pros and cons of the existing crawling strategies. Then, we describe how the crawled data can be linguistically pre-processed in a parallelized way that allows the processing of web-scale input data. As we are working with web data, controlling the quality of the resulting corpus is an important issue, which we address by showing how corpus statistics and a linguistic evaluation can be used to assess the quality of corpora. Finally, we show how the availability of extremely large, high-quality corpora opens up new directions for research in various fields of linguistics, computational linguistics, and natural language processing.