I’m a professor of linguistics (German Grammar and Lexicon) at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.

My research is focused German morphosyntax and the grammar-graphemics interface. My approach is cognitively oriented, theory-driven (as opposed to data-driven), and empirical. I use corpus-linguistic and experimental methods. I also have an interest in statistical methods and their foundations in the philosophy of statistics. I’m the principal creator of a suite of very large web corpora (COW). In my future research, I will focus on the epistemological foundations of linguistics and fundamental problems of theoretical and empirical paradigms in linguistics.

I have a broad teaching experience (both in German and English) in German Linguistics and English Linguistics as well as General/Theoretical Linguistics and Computational Linguistics.

I like Open Access Publishing and Open Source when they make sense while also acknowledging that sometimes they don’t.