Colibri² corpus portal

Because none of the available web interfaces to the IMS Open Corpus Workbench was right for hosting the COW web corpora, I started working on a bespoke interface called Colibri². It is really a spare-time project, and I do not release the code because I consider it trivialware.

Its core features are:

  • designed mainly for exporting concordances to end-user’s machines (after preview)
  • as simple as possible in terms of installation and use
  • simple query mode with translation to CQP syntax, ideal for learning CQP syntax
  • works in distributed mode: arbitrarily many machines can host/query corpora
  • results from corpora which come in many “slices” are aggregated
  • no SQL required (just Apache, PHP, CWB)
  • user management
  • planned optional features (word statistics, collocations, etc.) use SQL

It is running at