Probabilistic Certainty: Usage-based Approaches to Alternations in Standard and Non-standard German (Habilitation)

Probabilistic Certainty: Usage-based Approaches to Alternations in Standard and Non-standard German is a sequence of five papers for my kumulative Habilitation (second thesis in the German/Austrian system, cumulative version). As of April 2017, three have been published, one submitted, and one is still in preparation (to be submitted by mid-2017). The papers will be edited into a book.

  1. Roland Schäfer (2017 in preparation) A Usage-based Account of Sequences of Oblique Attributive Adjectives in German: from “Cases of Doubt” to Probabilistic Certainty.
  2. Roland Schäfer (2017 submitted) Competing Constructions for German Measure Noun Phrases: from Usage Data to Experiment.
  3. Roland Schäfer & Ulrike Sayatz (2016) Punctuation and Syntactic Structure in “obwohl” and “weil” Clauses in Nonstandard Written German. Written Language and Literacy (WLL) 19:2, 215–248.
  4. Roland Schäfer (2016 ahead of print) Prototype-driven Alternations: The Case of German Weak Nouns. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory (CLLT).
  5. Roland Schäfer & Ulrike Sayatz (2014) Die Kurzformen des Indefinitartikels im Deutschen (Cliticization of the Indefinite Article in German). Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft (ZS) 33(2).