Probabilistic German Morphosyntax (Habilitation)

Probabilistic German Morphosyntax is a sequence of papers for my kumulative Habilitation (cumulative version of the second thesis in the German/Austrian system) to be submitted to the Faculty of Languages and Letters of the Humboldt University Berlin. The official process (Habilitationsverfahren) is expected to begin in March 2018.

As of December 2017, three papers have been published, one has been accepted with revisions. Paper 4 (Schäfer & Sayatz 2014) has been translated into English, and all papers are currently being edited into a book with added introductions to probabilistic grammar, web corpora as source of data (based on many of my other publications), and statistical methods.

  1. Roland Schäfer (2017, accepted with revisions) Competing Constructions for German Measure Noun Phrases: from Usage Data to Experiment.
  2. Roland Schäfer & Ulrike Sayatz (2016) Punctuation and Syntactic Structure in “obwohl” and “weil” Clauses in Nonstandard Written German. Written Language and Literacy (WLL) 19:2, 215–248.
  3. Roland Schäfer (2016 ahead of print) Prototype-driven Alternations: The Case of German Weak Nouns. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory (CLLT).
  4. Roland Schäfer & Ulrike Sayatz (2014) Die Kurzformen des Indefinitartikels im Deutschen (Cliticization of the Indefinite Article in German). Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft (ZS) 33(2).