Statistical Modeling in Linguistics

This publication is in the INCUBATOR section.

Roland Schäfer (in preparation) Statistical Modeling in Linguistics. To be submitted in Q4/2018 to Language Science Press.

In this book, linguists are introduced to most of what they need to know to use linear and generalised linear models (LMMs and GLMMs). As a by-product, it introduces them to statistics in general, focussing on statistics as part of the toolkit practitioners use in making scientific inferences. The book is licensed under a Creative-Commons license and will be submitted to Language Science Press (series Textbooks in Language Sciences). I intend to insist on an open review process.

This text book project was previously called “Modellierung grammatischer Alternationen” and planned to be first written in German (and later in English). The scope has widened, and it is now written in English first. If it is a success, a German translation will be published.

The book is written using Xelatex, R, and knitr in RStudio Server installed at I have only started writing it up in September 2017.